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Joyfulmamas classes are currently suspended. For information about other area classes, feel free to contact Davenne.

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Private Classes Available!


for three hours

(Can be split into two sessions)


*This is not a birth class series.*

*It is guided mindfulness meditation practices to help you have a powerful and peaceful pregnancy and birth.*

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“Calm Birth is a sublime gift to us all. The positive impact of it on society can’t be overestimated.” 

~ Christiane Northrup, MD 

"Please take a deep breath, deep into life, and exhale slowly.
Feel life energy in all of your body at once...
Feel the action of billions of cells and energy flows...
Feel that the new life in you is unlimited."

"Sit down into your body as if you're sitting into life itself.
Feel your balance and stability and lift.
Sit still to stop the world.
Sit into all your inner resource.
'A thousand secrets are revealed in sitting still.'
Sit to come into your power."

The simple act of sitting into silence, watching the mind take over,

and then gently returning to a state of open awareness lends itself beautifully to a world in which stressors are unavoidable.

“Calm” does not mean passive or still. To be “calm” is to function from the space of inner wisdom that drives all actions. Calm Birth and Calm Mother are simple, effective meditations based in ancient Tibetan meditation science.

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