• Davenne

The Power of Calm Birth®

"Please take a deep breath, deep into life, and exhale slowly. Feel life energy in all of your body at once... Feel the action of billions of cells and energy flows... Feel that the new life in you is unlimited."

"Sit down into your body as if you're sitting into life itself. Feel your balance and stability and lift. Sit still to stop the world. Sit into all your inner resource. 'A thousand secrets are revealed in sitting still.' Sit to come into your power."

These are excerpts from two of Calm Birth's central practices: the Practice of Opening and Womb Breathing. You can feel, even in these small excerpts, the empowerment in these guided mindfulness practices. In this class, you learn to use deep, abdominal breathing as your anchor. You learn to separate yourself from the fears floating through your mind and, in so doing, you gain the ability to release them. To feel your power over the fears.

During my three-week training, I began my own Calm Birth practice. Each day, I woke up to Womb Breathing which helped me establish deep, calm, abdominal breath as the foundation for the day. I noticed that my new breath awareness helped me to also be more aware of daily stresses. Like many people, I tend to breathe shallowly and hold my breath when I get anxious or upset. As my body got more and more used to breathing deeply (as it is meant to do!), I began noticing the constrictions of shallow breathing and breath-holding much more quickly. In those moments, I would simply turn my awareness back to my breath. This simple shift helped me let go of the stressors around me and in my mind. And then focus instead on my amazing power and the constant energy flow in and around me.

Because of the transformational experience I had during my training, I can't wait to share this program with others. I have felt the power of Womb Breathing, the Practice of Opening, and Giving and Receiving, the three central practices of Calm Birth. I am excited to help others find this power, too.