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Joyful Mamas

Joyfulmamas classes are currently suspended. For information about other area classes, feel free to contact Davenne.

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Private Classes

Joyful Mamas is excited to offer many private classes, including Calm Birth®, Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis, H.U.G. Your Baby®, and Refresher Childbirth Classes!

See details below and click on the icons to inquire or register by email.

Three guided meditations to help you have your most empowering pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

$55 for 3 hours

(can be split into two sessions)

Audioguides and materials included

Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis

A complete, six-week childbirth education class that also teaches

powerful self-hypnosis techniques that enable moms and partners to create their most comfortable and joyful birth experiences.

$750 for the series

6 classes, 3 hours each

Workbook, 18 mp3s, Quick Reference Guide, Birth Partner's Guide, and 5 written scripts included

A home visit to you and your newborn to help decipher his or her "language," including the Resting, Ready, and Rebooting Zones

$45 for one hour and a half visit

Roadmap to Breastfeeding and Guide to the early months handouts included

A three-hour class session to review the basics of birth and any other topics you would like to cover. Can include:

Rhythm, Ritual, Relaxation; Comfort Measures During Pregnancy and/or Labor; Massage Techniques;

Overview of Labor;

Signs It’s Time to Head to Your Birthing Place;

Intensity Practice;

Possible Challenges of Labor and Possible Solutions; Movement in Birth and Pushing Positions;

Review of Newborn Signs and Signals;

Postpartum Comfort Measures and Breastfeeding;

Sibling Prep

$75 for 3 hours

(can be split into two sessions)