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A Refresher Birth Class @WBWC

We will review the many topics covered in first-time birth classes with an emphasis on comfort measures and relaxation exercises to help boost your physical and emotional well-being in pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Parents will be encouraged to share past birth experiences as well as hopes for this new birth. Each class will be tailored to participants’ needs, expectations, and interests.

This class is ideal for couples expecting their second or subsequent child and planning for a low-intervention birth.

$75 per mom/couple


Possible topics include:


What was your last birth like? What are your hopes for this new birth?

Rhythm, Ritual, Relaxation

Comfort Measures During Pregnancy

Massage Techniques

Overview of Labor

Trust and Safety

Signs It’s Time to Head to Your Birthing Place

Intensity Practice

Possible Challenges of Labor and Possible Solutions

Movement in Birth and Pushing Positions

Review of Newborn Signs and Signals (based on H.U.G. Your Baby®)

Postpartum Comfort Measures and Breastfeeding

Sibling Prep

To register please email Davenne at

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